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Our mission is to empower low-wealth communities, families and individuals in Nimba County ( North-Central Liberia ) with the primary focus on securing public health through the rehabilitation of Ganta United Methodist Hospital. Rehabilitive efforts will center around the procurement of medical resources necessary for the hospital to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of quality health services to the catchment population of nearly half a million.

Current major challenges of the healthcare provided by the Ganta United Methodist Hospital

  • Electrical power supply at the hospital, as well as the mission station, is one of the most important challenges
  • Limited funds to supply diesel fuel and other petroleum products for vehicles and generators
  • Drugs and Medical supplies
  • Continuing education opportunities and training for their healthcare staff
  • Transportation logistics needs for the main hospital operations
  • Improvement of the water supply for both the hospital and mission station
  • Construction of the new hospital to increase the total bed capacity to 300 and provide the needed space

All funds raised by Dordeala are received by United Charitable and become sole property of United Charitable which, for internal operating purposes, allocates funds to the project. The Program Manager or Donor-Advisor makes recommendations for disbursements which are reviewed by United Charitable for approval.


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